Morgan Manhattan is committed to quality and excellence. That's why United Van Lines, and its network of over 500 agents in the U.S. and 550 more throughout the world, is our long-distance partner. Morgan and United - we've teamed up to make your move the finest in the industry. United Van Lines has been the largest household goods mover in the United States every year since 1992! Just last year United and its agents handled over 30% of all moves nationally. However, size alone is not a perfect barometer of the quality of an organization.

With more than 400 agents in the country, United serves nearly every city and small town across America with the best moving and storage services available – from packing your property to loading the truck to unloading at your new destination. Morgan Manhattan will always be your primary contact throughout your project, and your shipment will most likely be on our truck, but in partnering with United, we've aligned with the highest quality provider in the industry. United's policies and procedures, quality and performance standards, estimating tools, and software are truly second to none.