At Morgan Manhattan, we are committed to bringing the finest in moving and storage services to our customers -- at every level. Of course, that means care and attention to the packing and moving of your goods. But it can also mean other things too. Moving provides a great opportunity to make sure that your things look as good as possible once they arrive in their new location.

• Areas of wooden furniture that are not currently exposed to use and wear will look dull and dingy if they are now seen because of they way they fit into a room.

• Nicks, dents, gouges, gashes and rubs are all normal wear and tear that we put wooden furniture through every day. Ripping, tearing, staining, wearing and pilling just seem to happen to upholstered furniture as we use them.

• You are moving into new surroundings, why not give your furniture a facelift so your things look new as well?

To this end, we have an expert furniture restoration specialist on staff and ready to serve you. Whether your furniture needs repair, re-staining, "French Polishing" or just a good lemon oil cleaning, our professional can have your furniture looking great before it gets placed in its new home.

Carlos Pastrana our resident finishing artisan