Most traditional moving companies do not handle the preparation and packing of certain items that require special, expert knowledge and skill. These items include Grandfather Clocks, Pool Tables, Stereo/Home Theater Equipment, Plasma TVís, Playground Equipment and more. In addition, removing or replacing electrical lighting is a job best left to experts. Detaching or reattaching gas dryers is not something you would want a mover or a packer to do either.

At Morgan Manhattan we have a well-trained staff devoted to handling these types of items and many of the other special needs that can arise in the course of a move. We make sure that all items are carefully attended to and properly secured and packed so you have nothing to worry about. The differences are that we control the scheduling of our technicians, and we stand behind the quality of our own workers; whereas with traditional third party vendors, there isnít the same accountability.

Some other services, such as hoisting and rigging, or handling certain types of elaborate exercise equipment would require us to contract with an outside vendor to provide that particular skill set. We have developed long-term relationships with experts in every skill that we would not attempt to do ourselves, so you can be assured that everything will be done exactly right.

Whatever the need, we are the one point-of-contact for anything that you are going to require to complete your move efficiently and professionally.