There are many reasons to store your household effects at Morgan Manhattan. Perhaps your new residence won't provide enough room for that extra couch, bedroom set, or other furniture. Why part with something of great sentimental value just because you don't have room for it? For only a few dollars a month, Morgan Manhattan will keep it safe and sound.

Maybe you are remodeling and need to move some (or all) of your things out of harm's way while the work is done.

Possibly you are in between selling your former residence and moving into your new one and just need to "park" your things for a while until the time is right.

Whatever the reason, Morgan Manhattan offer a solution: one of the largest and most secure household goods storage facilities in the United States.

Our customers are pleasantly surprised that, for roughly the same cost as insecure, unsupervised self-storage facilities, Morgan Manhattan can give you over one half million square feet of professionally managed, secure, alarm-protected, fireproof storage facilities in eight very convenient locations throughout the tri-state area.

Let us quote you a price to store your valuable possessions with us. Whether it's a month, a year or a decade, Morgan Manhattan has the best "in store" for you and your property.

If you have a fine wine collection, the environment of our Wine Storage facility is tightly controlled to keep it stored the right way, and you have online access to your inventory. We can deliver it right to your door any time you need it; just a stone's throw from Manhattan.

Our Fine Arts storage gallery in the heart of Manhattan houses the priceless collections of major museums, renowned art dealers, major auction houses and private collectors. Why not store your fine art in one of the most secure and best managed facilities available anywhere in the world?

Our state-of-the-art office Records Storage can provide you with safe storage, fast document retrieval and affordable costs.

If you are interested in Morgan Manhattan Storage or would like to learn more contact any of our 8 locations in the NY metro area, or call us at 1-800-976-7243.


"In the rapidly expanding but still largely unregulated storage business, your stuff may not be nearly as safe as you think" warned a September, 1995 article in Money magazine. Renters at self-storage facilities should be aware that a recent study showed theft hits more than 20% or one in five such facilities, with up to 90% of all mini- or self-storage break-ins determined to be "inside jobs" committed by thieves who rent a locker for access to the facility, then loot everyone else's. Plus, fewer than one in five such facilities have 24 hour supervision, while others are susceptible to flooding, toxic chemical accidents, fire and property damage due to temperature extremes. For a cost comparable to self-storage, Morgan Manhattan offers the smartest and safest short- or long-term storage solutions.