Morgan Manhattan specializes in providing small to medium sized companies with highly affordable, state-of-the-art, service-oriented Records Management. We are not for everyone. Our approach to the Records Management process mirrors our approach to the moving and storage of household goods - a high degree of care and attention with SERVICE as our primary goal. We offer the same computerized access, retrieval, and delivery options that the "big guys" offer - with the personalized support that you can only get from a company where you aren't lost in the crowd.

Morgan Manhattan does not need to tell you the value of commercial office space in our metropolitan area! If you currently store your office records on your premises, we can immediately save you money.

If you store your records off-premises, let us show how affordably we can change your perspective of your Records Management responsibilities - from something you dread to something you find easy to do. We don't have pages and pages of rules. We don't tell you how and when we can do things. You tell us what you need and we get it done. With our own in-house courier, we can even pick up or deliver your records to you on a moment's notice.

Our commitment includes the use of the industry-leading O'Neil Records Storage and Management software. While certainly not the least expensive option, utilizing O'Neil's system gives us the flexibility to maintain your information in the format YOU want; provides “on-line” secure access to your data; makes the management of your company's important information easy; and allows for retrieval of vital documents in minutes.

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  • Completely computerized records management
  • Online access to your account information
  • Safety and security
  • Customized reporting
  • Door-to-door courier service
  • Reduced staffing requirements
  • Destruction services
  • Complete peace of mind
  • Unparalleled Customer Service
All at a cost that is considerably
less than on-site storage!