Of course, we routinely store our customer's household goods. And, we store fine art, fine wine, office records, and other more traditional things as well.

However, our buildings can hold much more than that. Many of our structures have 11 and 12 foot ceilings. They have very large wide open areas. Our floors can handle more weight than we can challenge them with!

These specifications give us the flexibility to take in things that most other storage facilities could never consider taking: things like antique cars, and boats, museum artifacts, airplane tires, replacement doors and windows, retail displays, treated wood, movie props, concrete monuments, and more.

If it isn't hazardous … chances are we can take it. Challenge us! Give us a call with your unique storage needs and see if we can't make it happen at one of our warehouse. Bet we can.


"In the rapidly expanding but still largely unregulated storage business, your stuff may not be nearly as safe as you think" warned a September, 1995 article in Money magazine. Renters at self-storage facilities should be aware that a recent study showed theft hits more than 20% or one in five such facilities, with up to 90% of all mini- or self-storage break-ins determined to be "inside jobs" committed by thieves who rent a locker for access to the facility, then loot everyone else's. Plus, fewer than one in five such facilities have 24 hour supervision, while others are susceptible to flooding, toxic chemical accidents, fire and property damage due to temperature extremes. For a cost comparable to self-storage, Morgan Manhattan offers the smartest and safest short- or long-term storage solutions.