Below is an electronic copy of our customer questionnaire, which we ask all our customers to fill out after their experience with Morgan Manhattan. By default, results for the entire survey are shown. To view the feedback results for a given number of surveys, click the corresponding link below the form or type in a number of records, and the applicable results will be filled in.
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 1. How would you describe the actual charges compared to the Final Estimate?
a. Less than: 20.83% b. The same as: 66.67% c. More than: 16.67% d. Not applicable: *
 2. Please rate the appearance of the crew, 10 being the best   9.56
 3. Please rate the ability of the crew   9.73
 4. Please rate the politeness of the crew   9.90
 5. Was there any damage to your goods? Yes**: 6.00% No: 94.00%
 6. Please let us know if you would recommend us to a relative or a friend
a. Definitely: 92.00% b. Probably: 7.00% c. Probably Not: 1.00% d. Definitely Not: 0.00%

* "Not applicable" percentage based on company funded moves where customer did not receive estimate.
** Includes minor and incidental damage, as well as damage on inbound international shipments.

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Client Testimonials


    "I have moved 4 times with Morgan Manhattan. This crew was the very best. They were polite, worked quickly and efficiently. I would like Mr. Morgan to offer them some sort of recognition..."
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    "The help and attention to detail is greatly appreciated. Both the packing crew and the delivery crew were the politest I have experienced in 35 years of moving. Many thanks to everyone..."
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    "All were wonderful. Very pleased with experience. I still find it expensive but you do get your money's worth..."
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